Old Photos

Most of these pictures are taken from old postcards, courtesy of Neil at the Tannochbrae Tearoom.

Many of the scenes, apart from the lack of traffic and the style of dress, are still remarkably similar today.


"The White House"

Newburgh Road goes straight on and Mournipea branches off to the left.


Some of the houses have had porches added and today there are usually cars parked all along the right hand side otherwise this road is little changed.


Looking down Newburgh Road,
Upper Greens on the left.


With the burn on the left and the Bank on the right.


Obviously Burnside was a popular location for photographs!

A similar view, taken just a few yards further down the road, showing the Victoria Hall on the left.

Apart from the unpaved road and the lack of a telephone box and bus stop, this picture could have been taken today.


Another picture of Burnside


The Town Band outside the Royal Hotel.

The Royal Hotel is still there, but is unfortunately now closed.

The Cross

"The Cross" is the town square. This photograph was obviously taken before the 1920's as there is no War Memorial.

The hotel on the right is now the Forest Hills Hotel.


Simpson Terrace

Many youngsters won't recognise the name "Simpson Terrace" as most people just know this as the bottom of Madras Road.

  Post Office

Pension day at the Post Office, 1905


This photo comes courtesy of Eleanor Crichton whose great uncle ran the Post Office.

Wm J. Stocks, Postmaster, is at the right of the photo at the door, next to him Wm Stocks, Jessie Millmaker, Lizzie Lambert holding baby Edith C Stocks