Coat of Arms of The Royal Burgh of Auchtermuchty

Auchtermuchty Church


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The "Cross" Auchtermuchty

This is the town square, known in Auchtermuchty as "The Cross", a memory of the time when the market cross stood here.


The Town Hall

This shows another view of the Cross, with the War Memorial in the foreground and the Town hall behind it.


Auchtermuchty War Memorial

The War Memorial commemorates the men of Auchtermuchty who fell in the First and Second World Wars.

For a closer look at the names on the Memorial click here.

The Tory Brig

One of the many bridges over the Calsay Burn, the Tory Brig is so called because it was part of the route taken by Tory voters to the Town hall avoiding the mob at the bottom of the Kilnheugh.

The last person to be incarcerated in the town gaol was a woman who hurled a turnip at one of the Tory voters.

Fortunately things have changed in a Auchtermuchty today (a bit).


Macduff House

Macduff House in the High Street is the oldest house in Auchtermuchty.

Boundary Stone, Mournipea

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At various stages in the history of Auchtermuchty the Town Council sold off bits of common land to raise money. As a result the boundaries of the burgh kept shrinking. The boundary marker shown below indicates where the boundary lay in 1797.


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Mourmipea is the road which leads out of Auchtermuchty towards Pitmedden Forest and was at one time the main road to Perth.

The picture above shows part of Mournipea as it is today. The boundary stone forms part of the wall or "dyke" and lies at the base of the tree in the mid-foreground.

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